Protection of personal data

 1. Personal data

Mi oskrba d.o.o. is aware of the importance of personal data and therefore respects the privacy of my customers and handles their personal data responsibly, carefully and in accordance with the regulations and internal acts in force in the Republic of Slovenia. We collect personal data only if we use your personal data on the basis of your consent or if INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS there is another legal basis for doing so, taking into account the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

We add that personal data is collected only to the extent necessary to maintain the business relationship and to the extent that it has been submitted to our society.

Mi oskrba d.o.o. processes personal data of customers (first name, surname, address, telephone number), within the framework and for the purpose of the provision of their services, i.e. the delivery of petroleum products.


Any individual can request access, supplementation, rectification, blocking or restricting the processing or deletion of personal data by means of a written request sent to: or Mi oskrba d.o.o., Novi Trg 9, 6230 Postojna (attributable to "GDPR"), request access, supplementation, correction, blocking or restricting the processing or erasure of personal data, objecting to the processing of data processed in connection with it, requesting the deletion of inaccurate data and requesting the transfer of data.

An individual may withdraw all consents given at any time for the processing of personal data at any time and without explanation.

Any individual who considers that the processing of personal data violates the protection of personal data legislation or that his or her data protection rights are infringed in any way shall have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner. For the purpose of reliable identification in case of exercise of rights in respect of personal data, Mi oskrba d.o.o. may request additional information from the beneficiary.


Mi oskrba d.o.o. takes appropriate precautions to ensure that personal data are not accessed by unauthorised persons, thus preserving their confidentiality and integrity and preventing their loss or accidental destruction throughout the processing.

Accesstopersonaldataisonlyallowedtoauthorisedemployeesandcontractprocessors,but only totheextentandconsistentwith the purpose strictly necessary for the proper implementation ofworkprocessesandthe provision of the company's services (deliveryofpetroleumproducts).


Mi oskrba d.o.o. does not provide personal data and does not allow third parties to know, except those legally entitled persons who request data under a legal authorisation or perform certain tasks relating to the processing of data and are obliged to comply with the legislation on the processing and protection of personal data (so-called contractual processors).


Personal data are processed until the purpose has been fulfilled or within the limitation period for obligations that may result from the processing of such personal data, especially when the processing of personal data is necessary in the context of the conclusion or performance of the contract, except in cases where the retention period of personal data is required by law.

Personal data processed with the consent of the parties is kept until their cancellation by the beneficiaries.

Upon expiry of the retention period or upon receipt of a request for erasure of personal data, we effectively delete the personal data. For all questions relating to the protection of personal data, we can be reached by e-mail

MI OSKRBA d.o.o.,
Novi trg 9
6230     Postojna